Web Development (Ruby on Rails)

Web Development I (Ruby on Rails) is a beginner course in understanding and building web applications using the Ruby on Rails framework. Students will learn to develop web applications using Ruby on Rails, and familiarize with core concepts behind Ruby on Rails, such as CoC (Convention Over Configuration) and MVC (Model-View-Controller). Lessons include hands-on exercises in building web applications, from working with databases, to deploying a complete application to Heroku. Students who complete these lessons will build the core foundation in Ruby on Rails development necessary to tackle more advanced techniques and concepts.

Intro to Web Applications

Web sites & web applications How the internet works Introduction to the Rails framework Introduction to the MVC pattern

Model View Controller

Working with the Rails console ActiveRecord models & database migrations ActiveRecord associations & database foreign keys Routing, controllers, actions & views

Working with Forms

Rails form helpers & strong parameters Server-side validations & error handling Debugging techniques Nested resources ActiveRecord query interface & callbacks

Simple Authentication

What is authentication Storing data in session Controller filters Namespaces & controllers Creating an admin role

Using Ruby Gems

Using package managers (bundler) Ruby version manager (RVM) Updating gems & automated testing Gem installation walkthrough (ruby-graphviz) Resources for finding & assessing gems for use Using chartkick for visualizing data

Deploying Rails

Deploying applications to Heroku Basic deployment commands (using git) Continuous Deployment using Heroku pipelines Infrastructure concepts: performance, scalability and availability Monitoring your application Building your own API