HTML/CSS Front-End Engineering Course

This course covers the foundation of front-end development, which includes the latest versions of HTML and CSS. What is HTML and CSS? HTML is the building blocks of webpages that allow you to put images, text, forms and other kinds of content in a cohesive webpage. On the other hand, CSS is used to style your webpage more specifically. This includes things like font size, font colour, font type, image styling, and more. This course will also provide hands-on exercises that will help you gain practical knowledge in using modern libraries like Bootstrap, a free collection of tools for creating a website. Bootstrap is an extremely useful tool for those who wish to build their websites more quickly and easily.

Building your first webpage

In this lesson, we will give a quick rundown of front-end development is and go through the basics of using HTML and CSS to build a webpage.

HTML fundamentals

Document Object Model Using HTML elements for layout Using HTML elements for content Styling with tables in HTML Styling using inline and block elements

CSS fundamentals

Inheritance and specificity Typography Working with images CSS styling Box Model vs Flexbox vs CSS Grid CSS positioning

Using bootstrap to build websites

In this lesson, we will learn what bootstrap is, how it is used to build websites and how we can get started with it.

Responsive Web Development

In this lesson, we will learn what a "responsive web" means and how we can use the device mode in Chrome to see how websites will appear on mobile

Static Site Deployment, GitHub Pages and Static Site Generators

In this lesson, we will find out what a static site is, the importance of it and the things involved in setting up one.