Oracle Java OCP Certification

Always dream of building a career as a Java expert? Then the Oracle Certified Java Programmer course, formerly known as SCJP is your ideal next step. In Java OCP certification you will learn from basic foundation through to advance level and would progress into areas of Oracle-certified Java specialization– such as Java Developer, Java-based web/business developer.

Building Java GUIs Using the Swing API

Describe the JFC Swing technology, Identify the Swing packages Describe the GUI building blocks: containers, components, and layout managers Examine top-level, general-purpose, and special-purpose properties of container Build a GUI using Swing components

Enhanced for Loop in Java programming

Use the enhanced for loop with generics Use the enhanced for loop with arrays Understand nested iterations with the enhanced for loop Use the enhanced for loop to iterate through a collection Write a program to iterate over a collection Examine the enhanced for loop

GUI-Based Applications

Describe how to construct a menu bar, menu, and menu items in a Java GUI Understand how to change the color and font of a component

Java Technology and Programming Overviews

Examine Java technology, Java application Describe the J2SE platform language enhancements Describe the new tools available in J2SE platform Describe changes to the core libraries Describe enhancements to the Java Virtual Machine (JVM machine) Abstraction, encapsulation, and packages, Define class, member, attribute, method, constructor, and package Java technology API online documentation, Use the access modifiers private and public as appropriate for the guidelines of encapsulation

Metadata (Annotations)

Compare annotations before J2SE platform 5.0 with the new annotations Use built-in annotations Create your own annotation type Use your own annotation type in source code Use your own annotation type at runtime Describe the Annotation Processing Tool (apt) Use annotations to deprecate a method