Product Design Flexible

Set your schedule with an online program aimed at taking you from newbie to a confident, highly-paid product designer. Learn the skills and the best way to present them with a team of mentors, career coaches, and community supporters.

Orientation & Program Prep

Get set up for success by meeting the community and learning the best practices for collaborating with others.

Fundamentals of Product Design

Understand the fundamentals of qualitative and quantitative research. Apply core visual design principles of typography, grid, and aesthetics. Create and test mockups and prototypes using frontend technologies.

Design Process Intensives

Learn and apply the principles of a user-centered design process. Justify your design decisions based off of fundamental training and user feedback. Build responsive, interactive prototypes. Demonstrate the ability to write and articulate your design process clearly.

Networking for Designers

Develop the soft skills needed to make meaningful connections in your area via professional introductions and discussions.

Portfolio School

Apply the skills acquired to build a bulletproof portfolio of work, ready for the rigors of the job search. Participate in several career-focused sessions that will steer the direction and form of your portfolio.

Immersive Solo and Team Projects

Identify and iterate on several problems through the latter half of the course. Work with other students to pressure test projects against the desires of your test users. Demonstrate the ability to work effectively on a team of designers and engineers.

Presentation School

The ability to create the work does not mean you have the ability to present it. This final step of each project will address these issues head-on by providing each student with a live audience to present their work to.