Introduction To SQL

During this SQL training course, delegates will be introduced to the fundamentals of SQL and will gain an insight into the essentials of relational databases. As this is a 1-day course, delegates will quickly acquire an understanding of vital querying language concepts and will emerge from this course as well-informed individuals who are able to implement their knowledge immediately within their own organisation.

SQL – An Overview

Relational Databases Using SQL Using Object Explorer Hiding system objects

Creating databases

Designing databases Primary keys Indexing fields

Working with tables

Creating tables Allowing nulls Identity fields Database diagrams Designing database diagrams Joining tables

Data Manipulation Language

SELECT, DISTINCT Operations Functions Ordering Data Inserting, Updating & Deleting rows


Writing queries Indentation and case Setting criteria using WHERE Wildcards Setting criteria for dates Dealing with nulls


Results, text and grid options Copying and pasting column headings Exporting using SQL & the menu


Calculated columns Aliases String functions and concatenation Using GetDate Converting dates Useful date functions


Inner joins Table aliases Left and right outer joins Cross joins Full outer joins Self joins

Aggregation and grouping

SUM, AVG, MIN, MAX Counts Grouping by fields Using HAVING to filter results


The view designer Limitations of the designer Scripting views