Developing Applications with Java EE

The Developing Applications with Java EE course introduces delegates to the Java Enterprise Edition API, up to version 7. It explains the core JEE technologies and how they can be used to build large scale web based applications.

Controller Facilities

The HTTP Servlet Lifecycle Servlet Filters Servlet Listeners

Course Introduction

Administration and Course Materials Course Structure and Agenda Delegate and Trainer Introductions

Creating a Java Server Page

JSP / XML Elements Servlet To JSP Request Dispatching


Why EJBs? The EJB Architecture The EJB Container Session Beans

Introduction to Java Web Technology

Web Applications, CGI and the Role of Java 3-tier Architecture Understand Model-View-Controller (MVC) Architecture Why Use Servlets and JSP Web Application Structures

Java Server Pages - JSP

How Java Server Pages Work Creating a Java Server Page JSP / XML Elements Servlet To JSP Request Dispatching Action Elements Implicit Objects Error Pages

JSP tag libraries

Custom Tags and Tag Libraries Commercially available tag libraries Write JSP Using Standard Tags


The JEE Environment System Architecture Putting It All Together

Servlet issues

Threading Issues Exception Handling Error pages Using Annotations to Configure Servlets

Servlet parameters

Servlet Initialization Parameters Servlet Context Parameters Web Application State Using Servlets Session Management


Servlets and HTTP Requests The HTTP Servlet Model Writing an HTTP Servlet Executing an HTTP Servlet Request Parameters


The Java API for JSON Processing The Streaming API The Object Model API


Why use WebSocket? Annotated and Programmatic Endpoints Client and Server Endpoints Encoders and Decoders