User Experience Design

User experience designers are innovative explorers who research, improve, and test websites and apps. They create delightful digital experiences that keep people coming back for more.If you love figuring out how things work and what makes people tick, look no further than User Experience design it’s the tech industry’s best-kept secret for career changers.

User Experience Research

Planning A Successful Ux Project Skill Lessons 1-5 Overview of UX research and the 5 Planes of UX Understanding quantitative and qualitative data types Using design thinking methodology Defining problem statements Planning a successful UX project with SMART goals Creating a user empathy map to understand your users Collecting and Interpreting Data Skill Lessons 6-10 Learning data collection methods & techniques Collecting quantitative data with heatmaps and user surveys Collecting qualitative data with user interviews Choosing the right tool to interpret user data Using data to create user personas Analyze and Ideate to Select your Prototype Skill Lessons 11-15 Creating journey maps Conducting SWOT and competitive analyses Creating a narrative with data visualization techniques Generating solutions with ideation methods Refining and selecting the best ideas for prototyping

Information Architecture & Prototyping

Introduction to Information Architecture Skill Lessons 1-5 Introducing information architecture Identifying & choosing the right IA (information architecture) model Understanding navigation structures & options Usability, accessibility, and universal design Identifying user-friendly sitemaps Design theory For Ux Skill Lessons 6-10 Mapping out user flows Learning about the elements and principles of design Using design patterns and layouts to create effective designs Prioritizing mobile content first Wireframing with Figma Making Interactive Prototypes Skill Lessons 11-15 Implementing UI kits to rapidly prototype designs Sketching paper prototypes Creating digital prototypes with InVision Making digital prototypes interactive Preparing for user testing

User Testing & Iteration

Planning For Successful Usability Tests Skill Lessons 1-5 Understanding the roles & responsibilities of user testing Brushing up on soft skills you’ll use as a testing facilitator Writing clear & thoughtful usability test scripts Preparing for usability testing with a user Conducting Effective user Tests Skill Lessons 6-10 Conducting usability tests Deciding when to use A/B split tests Analyzing the results of A/B split tests Prioritizing & incorporating valuable user feedback Iterating & improving your digital prototypes Packaging & Presenting your Work Skill Lessons 11-15 Organizing,packaging, and preparing your work Creating a UX strategy for your work Writing an effective case study to showcase your work and results Summarizing your newly acquired UX skills Choosing your UX career path