Front End Developer

Front end developers use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript—the building blocks of all modern websites—to code up the designs created by web designers and implement them on the web.Because nearly every business needs a dynamic website to reach its customers, the demand for front end developers is off the charts. With an explosive job market, killer salary, and tons of growth opportunities, front end development is one of the hottest jobs in tech!

Html & Css

ALL THINGS HTML Skill Lessons 1-8 Intro to HTML All About HTML Tags Making Ordered and Unordered Lists Images, Attributes, and Links Organizing HTML with Divs & HTML5 Embedding Objects with iFrames Head, Body, and Meta Tags HTML Best Practices Make your Page Look Pretty With Css Skill Lessons 9-16 Intro to CSS Styling Text Font Files & web Fonts Backgrounds, Colors, and Borders, Oh My! Height, Width, and the Box Model Differentiating Between Elements: Classes & IDs! Layouts & Floating Launch your website Skill Lessons 17-23 Coding & Launching a Site Setting Up your HTML Structure Checking your Code Styling your Layout with CSS All About Domains & Hosting Customizing your website

Git, Github, & the Command Line

How to Use Version Control Skill Lessons 1-12 Intro to the Command Line Intro to Git & How to Install Git your First Repository & Git Commands Branches, Merging, and Errors Getting Started with GitHub & GitHub Basics BONUS 13-14 Working with Teams on GitHub

Responsive web Development

Week 1 Skill Lessons Intro to Mobile First Structuring your Files (& File Naming Cheatsheet) Working with Browser Inspectors Adding Media Queries to your Project Setting Up Breakpoints Responsive Typography & Google web Fonts Week 2 Skill Lessons Getting Started with a Boilerplate Making your Project Fluid Responsive Grids in Action Coding your Styles Adding Responsive Images Responsive IFrames Intro to Icon Fonts & Font Awesome Week 3 Skill Lessons Finishing your Project Testing your website Intro to Flexbox Using Flexbox Grids Using Flexbox Layouts

Javascript & Jquery

Week 1 Skill Lessons Introducing JavaScript Principles of Computational Thinking Logic & Flowcharts Introducing Pseudocode Objects & Functions Loops & Arrays Week 2 Skill Lessons Introduction to JS Bin Primitive Data Types JavaScript Syntax & Structure Keywords & Operators Objects, Properties, & Methods Arrays, Methods, & Math ‘For’ Loops & ‘While’ Loops Week 3 Skill Lessons Integrating JavaScript with HTML Introducing the DOM Events & Event Listeners Introducing jQuery Getting Fancy with jQuery Week 4 Bonus Project Introducing the Election Map Project