Full-Stack Web Development, Immersive.

Full-stack web developers are critical members of all development teams. They understand the whole web development picture, which helps them make more informed decisions. In this immersive, full-stack, web development course, you’ll spend 520 hours in the classroom learning key technologies that will make you the developer who can create a fully functional, highly usable, and responsive web application from end-to-end. The immersive track takes you on a deep dive into the front-end user interface development, the back-end server-side applications, and the supporting databases behind the scenes. If you’re ready for a challenging experience that will make you expert in the industry’s most effective and widely used web development tools, this intensive course is for you.

HTML & CSS (user interfaces)

Programming Fundamentals

JavaScript the Language

React (skills are transferable to Angular & Vue)

NodeJS & NPM

Express (web applications & web APIs)

MongoDB & Mongoose (document data persistence)

MySQL/PostgreSQL (relational data persistence)

Test-driven Development

Git (source management)

RESTful API (consuming & building)