The Flex Immersive at Fullstack Academy New York

Flex offers an opportunity to complete the rigorous Fullstack immersive program, but over a six-month span, while keeping a full-time job. Students attend class in-person two nights per week, and remotely one night per week. Each month will have one immersive weekend, where Flex students come to campus both Saturday and Sunday. The other three weekends will consist of remote work -- not requiring live attendance. These remote weekends will utilize learning tools that work well in that format: video lectures and workshop reviews, solo coding workshops, and even pair-programming with classmates using virtual collaboration tools. This remote work will be self-paced -- completed by a deadline, but on the student’s schedule.

Programming Fundamentals

HTML/CSS/jQuery OO JavaScript, Inheritance & Prototypes Project Assignments Office Hours

Week 1 - 2

Orientation Foundations Review Comp Sci. Fundamentals Data Structures (study & implementation) Advanced HTML5/CSS3 Git with Teams jQuery + DOM

Week 3 - 4

Algorithms Asynchronous JavaScript Node.js Express.js MVC Backend Databases & SQL Object Relational Mappers Postgres Databases & Schema Design

Week 5 - 7

Web Crawling with Node.js Single Page Application with Ajax Advanced Promises MVC JavaScript + Advanced Express Intro to ReactJS Internet Deep Dive (HTTP, DNS etc) Web Crawling with Node.js

Week 8 - 9

Single Page Application with Ajax Advanced Promises Intro to ReactJS Test Driven Development Webpack

Week 10 - 11

Advanced ReactJS Fullstack Projects using ReactJS Mid-Semester 1 Checkpoint

Week 12 - 13

Testing in ReactJS Advanced Projects Sessions, Authentication, Cookies Intro to Deployment Semester 1 Checkpoint & Final Project

Week 14 - 17

eCommerce Team Project Agile Project Management Advanced Git with Teams Deployment Portfolio Enrichment Piece CTO Program

Week 18 - 19

Personal Project Technical Interview Prep Portfolio Enrichment Piece CTO Program

Week 20 - 24

Immersive Capstone Project Technical Interview Prep CTO Program Launch Day