Oracle Certified Java Associate

This course is paced to provide a solid foundation in Java for programmers without syntax experience in a C-based language.

Controlling Program Flow

Write If Statements Write a Switch Statement Write a For Loop Write While and Do...While Loops

Creating Classes

Define Methods Overload a Method Define Constructors Create Static Class Members Use Command-Line Arguments Define Java Beans

Identifying Client-Side Technologies

Introduction to Client-Side Technologies Introduction to Thin UI Clients Introduction to Fat UI Clients Introduction to Micro UI Clients

Implementing Inheritance

Import a Class Extend a Class Override Methods Create Interfaces Implement Interfaces Work with Objects

Programming in Java

Create a Simple Java Program Define a Simple Class Create and Initialize Variables Write an Expression Work with Arrays

Representing OOP Concepts Using UML

Introduction to UML Apply UML

Working with Java Class Libraries

Use the Java Class Library Invoke Attributes of an Object