UX Design Course

Maybe you are a complete beginner who wants a fulfilling new career. Maybe you are a designer who wants to add UX to your skillset, or perhaps you want to learn UX design in order to take your current job to the next level. If you identify with any of the above, then no more "maybes": Make it happen with our UX Design Course.

UX Fundamentals

Designing Like a UXer: Go through the building blocks of the entire UX design process while completing your very first app.

UX Immersion

Thinking Like a UXer: Study user-centered design and the Design Thinking process as you learn how to approach your users and their problems. Understanding the User: Get inside the heads of your users via UX techniques and create your own personas, mental models and user flows. Foundational Design: Navigate the ins and outs of information architecture and build your first wireframes and prototypes. Usability Testing: Put your designs to the test in front of real users. Refining the Design: Sharpen your eye for aesthetics and jazz up your designs with tried-and-tested UI fundamentals. End-to-End Design: Polish your design and whip up a killer portfolio that shows off your personal brand to the world.

Choose a Specialization

The course comes with three final modules to choose from, allowing you to specialize in a complementary skill to the UX process. We found that including this feature sets our graduates apart from other new UX designers entering the field. You can also opt to take more than one specialization (for an additional fee). UI for UX Designers: Turn yourself into a one-person wonder by adding UI expertise to your list of skills — a sure way to stand out from the crowd. Voice User Interface Design: Stay ahead of the curve by mastering this revolution in interface design together with Amazon’s Alexa. Frontend Development for Designers : Level up your skills with a dose of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as you code your own portfolio website from scratch